Logo Design Process

Good logo design is the culmination of a defined brand personality and the appropriate visualization. It takes a few steps to get it right. 


1. Defining Who You Are. (3 - 4 Days)

This means asking the right questions and being honest with who you are and what you stand for. See questionnaire below. This is the foundation of good design and cannot be stressed enough. I’ll also send out an invoice at this time (25% of project total).

2. Studying the Competition. (3 - 4 Days)

There’s no sense spending hours on a design that will look like the next guy, so here is where we audit the market your in and determine what will set you apart based on the answers from Step 01.

3. Logo Design (2 Weeks)

A few concepts may be necessary to create in order to land on design that everyone can agree on. I only present logos that are fully rendered and ready for action, which means I take a little more time in this stage.

4. Revisions (1 Week)

If needed, an approved logo can go through a series of small adjustments to get it looking perfect. This can be as simple as a color palette change. If we determine this needs a serious overhaul, like, bring out the wrecking ball status, then we’ll return to Step 03 and present more directions.

5. Finalize (3 - 4 days)

Hooray, you’ve got a new logo, now what? Well, this is when you sit back while I get it prepared in all the file formats (print & digital) necessary for a successful launch. I’ll also be sending out the remainder invoice (75% project total), along with your logo package.


If you're unsure at this stage, no worries, we can help.
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