Logo Design is Easy

To the outside spectator, logo design can look some hack-y black magic reserved for charlatans with access to a computer, but they’d be wrong. Yes, sometimes a logo just happens. It could be an idea that strikes while waiting for the doctor to see you, or while in line for a coffee, but what you don’t see is the countless hours that went before it.

Like a street magician stopping you to pick a card, the real work happened in their basement apartment at 2am the night before, struggling to make the slight-of-hand maneuver work. So, it goes with logos. Same basement apartment, but this time, we’re looking into your competitors, your audience, and your companies’ values, to boil down an idea that can be shaped into a logo mark worth its salt. Once all that information has had a moment to marinate between our ears, we finally begin the process of generating visuals, and with any luck, we get a solution whispered in our brain while thumbing through magazines in the doctor’s office.

Here are a few of those solutions.